Sunday, May 09, 2004
  A least
Ok here goes.

I have finally made a tentative start into creating a space I can finally call my own on the vast and far reaches of the internet. For so long, I have daydreamed about setting up a website like no other! But where is the time, where is the know how, where is the energy? With all the incessant travel, all the things at work to tie up and re tie up, it was just one deferment to the other.

So I thought blogging might be the 'low hassle, low time' option to start off with. Sure, I might not have a website that I can call truly my own. I might not have a web site which makes it to ( a recurring dream and fantasy for me !), but what the heck... Rome wasnt built in one day!

I hope I can keep up to the routine of posting regular blogs here, and aim to talk about routine random themes which are omnipresent around me - travel, spots, places, food, work, technology and maybe more. Besides being a vent out for some residual creative energies that I think I have, I hope I can get in touch with my friends all over the globe.

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