Thursday, June 03, 2004
  A new shiny gadget and blogging on the move
At last I got my latest new shiny gadget. This time its a phone cum email machine cum mobile web browser etc in short the new Hiptop phone offered by Starhub for the first time in Asia. Having read a lot about its exploits and success in the US, it was time to see it in real. I was all set to get the Blackbeey to enjoy always on email and web browsing but imagine my surprise to see the hiptop being advertised in local Singapore newspapers. And just in the nick of time.

I am loving it and enjoying the ability to use yahoo messenger on the go and browse the net while out of the house, in the bus, waiting for flights, pushing the trolley at the supermarket and practically eveywhere else. I still haven't taken it to the bathroom yet because I am just scared I will be spending too much time on it.

You know what? This blog is being posted while I am sitting by the pool and my 4 year old is upto his usual pranks.

Next gadget on the horizon?
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