Monday, May 09, 2005
  Getting Things Done - Well I always thought it came naturally to people !
Punishing deadlines, multiple ( too many to count ), special interests, drive for results, branding mania ensures that there is lots to do , too little time and thus constantly shifting timelines. In the end of course dissatisfaction ! So I have been doing some reading around getting efficient and productive and basically getting stuff done within boundaries of reasonable time. Well not surprisingly have settled on the 'Getting Things Done' methodology which from what I read on the web, half the corporate world is using. Well the other half better adopt it fast otherwise the resulting productivity gap will be too stark ! David Allen is the bloke who got this out of his head and of course the books ( 2 in this case ), the website and the corporate training seminars have germinated ! But the method has appeal coz its simple yet rigorous, can be set up using simple stationery, I have read both the books and am beginning to get a hang of the system though am not fully there yet. More in a future post.
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